Rails Photo Store

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Rails Photo Store

An eCommerce app for selling photography prints built with Ruby on Rails, React, and FoxyCart

Live demo | Blog post | Github repository


  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails MVC architecture application with RESTful routing
  • React integrated within frontend views to enable interactive features
  • Full CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) functionality on all models
  • Intuitive checkout experience powered by FoxyCart
  • Advanced authentication features such as Single Sign-On and Reverse SSO achieved through custom integration with FoxyCart API enabling seamless account creation, automatic user login upon checkout
  • Authenticated admin interface utilizing nested product creation forms and user moderation pages for convenient site management
  • Product search functionality with customizable filters to allow convenient discovery of items with specific price or size constraints
  • Searchable product tags through implementation of custom tagging system
  • Product definition forms include options for custom variants with associated price modifiers
  • Per-user purchase history display on user account page
  • 'Popular products' feature tracks the most frequently purchased items across all accounts
  • Includes deeply nested models with accompanying nested forms
  • Includes validations for all form fields, intuitive error display upon unsuccessful submission
  • Responsive design for correct display on mobile devices

Video walkthrough