Instrument Tuner

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Instrument Tuner

A customizable instrument tuner built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript

Blog post | Frontend repository | Backend repository


  • RESTful API backend built with Ruby on Rails
  • Vanilla ES6 Javascript SPA frontend with 100% JS-generated page elements
  • Realtime tuning display with indicator showing proximity to a given pitch
  • Feedback shows whether you are hitting the correct pitches within a given tuning
  • Can create custom instrument definitions through HTML5 forms
  • Can create custom tuning definitions for each available instrument
  • Automatic instrument image fetching powered by Unsplash API
  • Uses HTML5 Webaudio API to obtain user microphone input
  • Audio frequency detection powered by pitchfinder library
  • Custom algorithm translates detected frequencies to musical notes in realtime
  • Full CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) functionality on models
  • Database-backed persistence of created instruments and tunings
  • Validations in case of incorrect form submission

Video walkthrough